The new way 2SAVE!

Now you can take control of your advertising and stop sending your customers to Facebook, Twitter and other third party sites. 2SAVE is a mobile communication platform that exclusively connects you to customers smartphones. it’s as easy as texting  your “Business Name” keyword to  2SAVE (27283)

The best way 2vote!

Global mobile provides three innovative ways to increase voter engagement and participation. Mobilize your current voting systems by implementing our txt based voting platforms:

Voter Communication

Voter Verification

Smartphone voting


No App Download!

Nobody wants to download an app anymore, be ahead of the curve and stay away from useless apps! We use a texting based system, giving you better security - but without the hassle and clutter! We pride ourselves on ease of use so anyone can manage your text campaign!

Unlock younger audiences

Get the next generation interested in what you have to offer, whether you are a small sandwich shop or the state of Colorado, get engagement and keep it.


Team up with us!

If you are interested, we can find a solution to fit your needs for a fair price. Let our systems work for you and get people motivated.